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2020 Influencer Awardees

Today is a day of reflection. Yes, there are people in society that can see past themselves and care for the needs of others. Throughout 2020 you will learn more about their organizations and businesses and how to support their individual outreach efforts.


‘2020 Influencer Awardees’

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Deandre Sanders @dresands_thespianmusic


Shelley Stephens @shelleystaylo


Jerrell Bratcher @jerrelldb


Trayonna Rankins @brandingwithtrayonna


Tuttie Brown @helpingtheleastoftgem


Joshua Bonneau @joshua.bonneau


David Thompson Sr @ilivebaltimore


Douglas V Logan @revdrpoppop


Christopher Hampton @champiamspeaks


Keishorne Scott @keishornescott


Chaylyn Thompson @chaylynmusic


Keisha Blake @iamme_project


Randy Wells III @rwells1984


Lorraine Bailey-Carter @celebr8_twc


Peggy Long-Hudley @giftsclosetinc


Luther Wright @lw_arts_design


Darryl Kemp @kempandassociates


Poboys and Poet @pbnpnash


Lawrenzo Jacobs @lawrenzojacobs


Cassandra Ferguson @cassandra_ferguson_


Lemar Wilson @iamlemarwilson

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